Monday, 15 June 2009

Whilst waiting...

We had been to Glastonbury for a day trip in Oscars car and went to pick up his mother on the way back from bristol airport. As always the plane was delayed (late), so with a bit of time to spare as some lighting kit in the boot i did a quick 5 minute shoot with Ewan as my model. Nothing fancy but good fun.


Set up involved Oscar and Anita holding two sb28's (with wireless triggers on them), one zoomed to 85mm as key from left, one just behind Ewan as fill/hairlight wide at 28mm. Both were bare. The other hairlight is the sun from behind. I had some issues with flair, but i'm pretty sure i'm managed to get rid of it in post-processing.

Its always fun to mess about with light like this, thanks Ewan for grinning so nicely for me!