Wednesday, 8 July 2009

In the grass

Did a shoot a little while ago assisting Jamie Corbin and grabbed a little bit of time with the model for my own shots.

Amy was a great model, throwing every shape i asked her to with great ease. Nice one Amy.


Wanted to get some movement shots, so i used my normal technique of getting the model to "pop" or move on 3 after a count ("1...2...3!"). So we tried a few different things, from quite dramatic poses such as above. To more cheesey normal poses such as the one below.


I borrowed Jamie's 10-20mm sigma for this, really wanted to get wide so that i could grab as much of the grass as possible. It had such a great texture i didn't want to miss it out of the shot, and wanted the make it a feature. So i got nice and low with the wide angle.

Pretty simple light setup: two lights, plus the sun. A big shoot-through umbrella as the front/main light with a couple of sb28's shooting through it (thanks be to duct tape!). Another smaller shoot-through was just behind the model on the opposite side (camera left) giving a bit of light for her hair and the dark side. i exposed for the sky and filled in the rest with the lights.

thanks Jamie for letting take over for a little while, and thanks to Amy, a great fun shoot.