Friday, 14 May 2010

The Stonemason's hands

Stonemason's hand

I went for a wonder a few days ago around Clifton and came across an awesome guy named Steve who has worked for a long time as a stonemason. He was perfectly happy for me to take his portrait, so I took 5 or 6 frames and thanked him and shook his hand. I then walked off down the road. Halfway down the street I stopped my self and though "hands!" - his hands were hard and fascinating and had seen many days working with tough materials, I could feel the strength in them when I shook his hand. A quick turn and I ran back up the road to Steve again and asked if he'd mind me photographing his hands. Being the nice guy that he was he didn't mind at all and stood there placing his hands in the position I asked him to whilst I snapped away trying to work out how best to capture these amazing things in front of me.

Just so you can put a face with the hands here is the portrait I took of Steve:

Steve the Stonemason


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