Friday, 30 July 2010

Bait diggers' hands

Bait Diggers Hands

Bait Diggers Hands

I met these hands and their owners recently in Salcombe. The two men were down on the beach in the late evening light working hard with shovels and buckets to find worms to use as bait when fishing. After a short chat I asked if they would mind me taking their photos and they agreed. I like the way having a camera means I can chat to strangers who I might never otherwise have met.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

James and Mica Foster

James and Mica 2

I recently did a photoshoot with brothers James (aka "Foz") and Mica to get some fun photos of them together. We had a right laugh messing about on the downs in Bristol and then I set up my lights in their living room to take a few more formal shots.

James and Mica 22James and Mica 18James and Mica 27James and Mica 24

James and Mica 1

James and Mica 5

James and Mica 30

James and Mica 9

If you're interested in a fun photo shoot then please give me a call on 07871175627, or head over to my website for more contact details.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Fisherman's hands

Fisherman's hands

I was down at the fish quay recently working on finding some detail shots with a nautical theme. Unsurprisingly I came across a fisherman, so I asked him if I could take some photos of his hands to go alongside some of the other pictures that I have of working people's hands. His hands were just great, full of character and details showing how hard they had and still do work. When I shook his hand to introduce myself I could feel little softness in his skin, it was almost like he was wearing gloves his hands were so hardened.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Beautiful light

at the end of the day

Recently in the evenings the light has been truly gorgeous. Pretty light is so inspiring to me, and I always feel an urge to grab a camera and capture these beautiful moments when they are there in front of me.