Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Street Portraits: a Clifton walk


For a while now I have been heading off for a walk with my camera around the streets. When I do this I only have one aim - to take photos of things that I find interesting. More often than not I find people the most interesting thing out there and I often end up taking portraits. I don't do this in a stand-off candid way, I much prefer to approach people and ask for their permission and cooperation. I tend to take a couple of minutes with them just asking them to do a few different things and then say thanks and move on. I'm always surprised how few people say "no" when I ask them "excuse me, but would you mind if I took some photos of you?" If someone doesn't want me to take their photo that's fine and I move on to find another interesting looking person to enjoy a moment with.




The photos in this post are from a recent walk around Clifton in Bristol, somewhere I know very well but I still find produces many interesting sights.






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