Friday, 11 February 2011

Join our Club for Somerset Life

Clevedon Lions Youth Brass for Somerset Life

For a few months now I have been photographing a feature for Somerset Life magazine called Join Our Club. This is a challenging but fun task as I get sent off to group meetings to take photos of many people in (normally) a very short amount of time.

The photo at the top is from my first assignment with the Lions youth brass band in Clevedon. It was not easy getting 20 plus teenagers to give me their attention. It involved lots of shouting and being silly, plus of course being quick so that I didn't keep them out in the cold for too long. (A real big thank you must go out to the lovely mums and dads who held my lights so that they didn't fall over in the wind whilst I stood at the top of a step ladder).

South Petherton Walking Group for Somerset Life

This photo is from a fun day out with South Petherton Walking Group, I followed them out through the muddy fields of South Somerset on one of their Christmas walks to a pub. Certainly not a bad job for a day: the editor called me before and said "would you like to go for a walk to a pub and I'll pay you for it?" What can you say but "yes!" Actually it wasn't too easy, they just wanted to walk and I kept wanting to stop them and take photos of the group. I even stopped them just outside the pub when they were all looking forward to a pint. You can read this article in the current edition of Somerset Life if you live in the region.


I've recently photographed another club for the same feature and I'm shooting one in just over a weeks time too. So a nice ongoing project that is challenging me with shooting large groups.


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