Tuesday, 1 March 2011

L'Oreal hair styling competition

Hair styling photoshoot-2-226-2.jpg

A friend of mine Robert Baker is a top class hair stylist, and all round good bloke. He contacted me to ask if I would shoot some photographs to enter into a hair styling competition run by L'Oreal. It sounded like  great fun to me so we went ahead and started arranging the shoot. About a month later with many changes of the plans all was set to go. We shot an idea of mine (post to come soon) in the morning and then concentrated on Rob's hair shoot in the afternoon.

14TH FEB SHOOT-2-232-2.jpg

I had a great team for the shoot, which meant a lovely atmosphere in the room. This really helped relaxed first time model Lily who seemed a bit nervous when she arrived but soon got really into it.

14TH FEB SHOOT-2-152-2.jpg

It took us a little while to find the best lighting for the style, I tried with a couple of warm rim lights and a light grey background, but as is so often the case we ended up using the simplest light possible. Just one big light with a pretty hard feel to it (made by putting a bare bulb through a softbox without any baffles in it).

14TH FEB SHOOT-2-240.jpg_MG_8271-2.jpg14TH FEB SHOOT-2-098.jpg14TH FEB SHOOT-2-133.jpg

A huge thanks to the team involved who all gave their time for free to aid their portfolios:
Hair styling: Robert Baker
Fashion styling: Ashley Cover
Make-up: Christelle Pellecuer


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