Thursday, 23 June 2011

Silent portraits


I am after 5 or so people to try out a new idea for portrait photography and I want to shoot you.

The thought's behind it all...
When shooting portraits I normally talk a lot, and I encourage others to talk too. This generally gets people to relax. However, sometimes I find the best way to get a good expression or feeling from someone is to stop that chat, and just wait. They start off not quite knowing what to do, they look shy, smile, laugh, pull an amazing awkward face, or give you the best silent look. So many interesting things occur when I stop talking.

This got me thinking: what if I didn't talk at all during a photoshoot. From the moment my subject enters the room to the moment they leave I wont say anything - I'll just stay quiet and see what happens. 

I want to see how people collaborate with me on an unspoken level. Instead of getting distracted by chat, I want you to be distracted by the quiet.

If you are interested then just give me call, drop me a text or send me an email, I want to get 10 or so people together in Bristol for an afternoon of no-chat photography followed by tea and cake at my place with as much talking as you like.

What will you get in return for your time? An A4 sized print of your best/most interesting silent portrait moment, plus tea and cake.

Phone/text: 07871175627


Monday, 20 June 2011

Rees Family


A few months back I had the joy of spending an afternoon with the Rees family. We set off from their house and spent a couple of hours running around a wood swinging on ropes and looking into ponds. Then another 30 minutes back at their home in the garden and the session was done. Cheers guys!


Family Portraits website

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Holebrook Farm - People and Animals


To continue my people and animals project (previous shoot) I recently took a trip down to Holebrook Farm near Exeter. This project is focusing on the interesting individuals who spend their life with animals.


Jim and Penny own and work on the farm alongside Angela. They keep and breed loads of different animals: furry pigs, goats, ponies, donkeys, chickens and Crufts winning Bernese Mountain Dogs. They love the animals and have a great connection with them all.

Talking to Jim you can tell he has encyclopaedic knowledge of Bernese dogs - even if, like me, you know very little about dog breeding. He and Penny are proud and dedicated to their breeding and produce gorgeous dogs which are friendly and fun. And they look totally stunning.


Penny and Angela love their horses too. Unusually for an English farm they ride in a western style on quarter horses that they breed on the farm. Western style riding is more laid back and chilled than the typical English style I'm used to. I knew nothing about it before visiting the farm but after a bit of investigating I thought it sounded pretty cool - apparently in competitions people can often be found swirling a lasso. Part of this riding style also seems to be the clothes they wear and both the ladies dressed up for our shoot looking great in their western outfits - tassels and all.


A huge thanks must go to Penny, Jim and Angela. They were so cooperative and up for trying out anything. Also a massive thanks to Olga for helping out all day and smiling constantly throughout.