Friday, 12 August 2011

Bristol Mounted Police - People and animals project


A bit of cheek and persistence can gain you access to many interesting places as a photographer.

Having seen the Mounted Police riding around Bristol whilst I go about my life I could not help but think they were totally fascinating and quite unusual in this modern world of cars, motorbikes and hi-tech transport. Moreover the people who spend their time working in the mounted section must spend a very large amount of their life amongst animals - the exact focus of my people and animals project.

So after a few phone calls, and emails, and back-and-forwarding we finally arranged a Sunday afternoon when I could travel down to the stables in Bower Ashton.  I photographed Tracey  (a mounted officer) and Natalie (someone who looks after the horses, but does not ride them into riots and drunken city centers as part of her job).


After the horses shoot I wanted to take a few pictures in the locker room...Tracey got into the locker...


A massive thanks to the Mounted Police in Bristol, in particular to Tracey and Natalie.


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