Thursday, 1 September 2011

John Rankin for BBC Countryfile Magazine


BBC Countryfile has just hit the shops with a 3 page feature on John Rankin. He's a progressive school chef in Penair School in Cornwall. Through a great amount of enthusiasm and determination John has turned the school's kitchen around massively. It used to cook untasty and unhealthy meals for 30-50 kids a day, now the kitchen cooks 400 plus gorgeous locally sourced meals. He's turned the school kitchen into an independent non-profit organisation that has amazing links with local farmers, fishermen and suppliers. He butchers his own meat to save on costs and even encourages the children to get involved. As you may of guessed he was a great fun guy to photograph...


Massive thanks to Countryfile for the fun job and to John and the school team for making my day much easier than it could have been.


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