Monday, 17 October 2011

Getting to know Acton


What better way of getting to know somewhere new than going for a wonder. He is a few shots from around my new home in Acton, West London.



Monday, 3 October 2011

Digital Camera Hot Shots


The above image is featured in Digital Camera magazine this month. Head out, grab a copy and turn to page 14 to see a nice big picture of Olga flicking her hair all over the place.

Massive thanks to all those who helped out in the shoot:
Olga Dziewulska - you throw your hair so beautifully
Alex Sheppard - awesome assistant and general helper
Sophie Bourke - great make up artist and hair stylist


I'm in London!

I've moved away from the gorgeous city of Bristol to hit up the capital and see what it thinks of me. If you know of anyone in London would might like to meet up for a coffee and a chat then let me know. I'm well up for discovering the city and making loads of new friends.

Bristol has been awesome to me, and I will certainly miss it, but it's not too far to travel back to say hello to people. And I'm sure I'll also be back for work too.