Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Fun in the Park

Anoo - 4760

Having photographed some great assignments for clients such as Crew Clothing and the University of Bristol I know just how much I enjoy shooting lifestyle images. The basic idea of a lifestyle shoot for me is to go out and have a great time with people and capture this feeling with my camera. I am looking for relaxed images that make the viewer feel like they are part of a fun experience.

I recently organised a test shoot to expand and update my lifestyle portfolio. I gathered together four great models who were after fresh images for their books, Kinsie - a stylist who's work impressed me but I had not worked with before, and Christelle Pellecuer a great make up artist who I have got to know and trust over the past year. We all got together one sunday and headed out to a local park hoping that it would not piss it down with rain as it was forecast to do. As normal on my shoots I got people doing fun and silly things to break through any worries in them and just get them relaxed. We climbed trees, rolled about in the grass, played ball games and threw leaves all over Danny. To summarise: we had fun and I photographed it.

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_MG_4319-Edit _MG_4722_MG_4475-Edit

Massive thanks to everyone involved, it was a fantastic team to be part of:
Danny Gray - Model
Anoo Kapil - Model
Christelle Pellecuer - Make up and hair
Kinsie Sidolle - Stylist

You can view my lifestyle portfolio here.



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  1. Awesome mate. But then again your stuff all consistently is!!