Saturday, 3 December 2011

Nicky can lick her elbow

Nicky and her cat - 3605 

I recently had the pleasure of spending a weekend with our great friends in Hull. Being a definite Southern boy with little experience of the North I fell rather in love with the area, York is totally beautiful, the countryside around it was amazing and even Hull itself had a certain charm however much I've heard people putting it down.

Nicky and Chris have two cats and I was for some unknown reason determined to get a picture of Nicky with a cat on her head. There was beautiful sunlight on the Sunday morning streaming through the window - far too nice to ignore, so we set up a chair in the sunbeams and snapped away at Nicky and her cat, plus Chris joined us too for a few pictures.

_MG_3639-Edit_MG_3637-Edit _MG_3640_MG_3630 _MG_3682_MG_3675

Massive thanks to both Nicky and Chris for such a lovely weekend.


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