Tuesday, 3 January 2012

3 generations

4 heads

Faces are totally fascinating to me. Members of the same family sometimes look really alike and sometimes very different. I recently had the chance to photograph 4 women from 3 generations of the same family. Looking closely at the photos you can see certain features running through this family whilst other parts of their faces are very individual and tell us much about their experiences.

This was an unusual photoshoot for me as I normally look to get a reaction and an interesting expression from the people that I photograph - but in this series I wanted to study the faces and did not want any expressions to get in the way of that message. It was difficult to get people to look calmly into a camera without laughing, smiling, or pulling a silly face, and took just as much effort to draw out these calm emotionless faces as it does to get a genuine smile on other photoshoots.



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