Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Hunting Eggs


If you are in London any time soon you will probably bump into a giant egg, they are all over the place - in fact there are over 200 of them scattered around the city. The idea is to raise money for Action for Children and The Elephant Family, two awesome charities. Please do take part, it won't cost you much and you'll be in with a chance to win £100,000 in the form of a Golden Faberge Egg.


My role in The Big Egg Hunt has been to provide images for press and PR usage. This involved five days travelling around most of London, trying to find as many interesting angles as possible and delivering images "by yesterday". The First day was jumping on an open top tour bus that had loads of eggs on it going for a trip around the key parts of the capital. Trying to get a good shot in a cramped environment with other photographers from various press associations also trying to do the same was a different task to what I typically face on a job. But being challenged is good and forces me to think in new ways. 

The second day was taking pictures of many off the eggs together. It was rather like a egg flash mob near Tower Bridge, and must have looked really strange to the people walking past. The lovely guys at FedEx delivered about 25-30 eggs and we got busy setting them up and making them look good.



The third day involved a couple of locations. Firstly was the official launch in Trafalgar Square with the Guinness world record people overseeing the start of the worlds biggest egg hunt. There were some very excited people there, and not only the kids. In fact there was quite a great buzz and it got fantastic media coverage. 


We then moved on to the Faberge boutique where Emilia Fox was launching the hunt there and showing off the £100,000 solid gold egg that was to be the prize.


And here is a picture of Emilia demonstrating what everyone should do: go egg hunting, find an egg, and text in its code. The texts don't cost too much, and you just might win an awesome prize. 


The last couple of days were a bit mad. Having thought I had finished I got a call at 6pm on friday evening when I was heading out to a friends for dinner. "Charlie, would you mind photographing 30 eggs for us that are scattered all over London by Monday?" I reply in a rather unsure manner, but say yes none the less. "Bring it on!" So off I go for two days of cycling around London with loads of camera gear on my back, including my rather large tripod.


And here is me with all my kit after two days, 30 eggs and about 25 miles on a bike.

Hopefully the event will make loads of money for the two charities involved. Please spread the word:
Twitter: @TheBigEggHunt


Monday, 5 March 2012

Claire and Ben got married


A short while ago I had the pleasure of photographing Claire and Ben's wedding in the beautiful surroundings of Coombe Lodge. It was a great fun and relaxed day - a lovely thing to be part of.



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