Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Dee Caffari for Crew Clothing


I've recently had the great pleasure of working with Crew Clothing to photograph many of their ambassadors. They have brought together a small group of fascinating people to support and it has been so much fun meeting them all.

Dee Caffari is the only woman to have sailed around the world non-stop three times. And she has done two of these journeys alone, including her first going the wrong way on a 6 month long voyage. She cannot stop being enthusiastic when you meet her. She loves life and wants to share her passion with others. She now helps injured service men sail competitively with Toe in the Water, trains and competes with the worlds first Arabic all women sailing team, has an MBE, and is constantly looking to do more things to push her limits. She was great fun to photograph.

Find out more about Dee on her website:
And follow Dee on twitter for updates: @deecaffari


Many thanks to Crew for giving me the chance to photograph Dee. Find out more about their ambassadors over on the Crew Life Website.

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