Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Mark Wood for Crew Clothing


 I've recently had the great pleasure of working with Crew Clothing to photograph many of their ambassadors. They have brought together a small group of fascinating people to support and it has been so much fun meeting them all.

Mark Wood used to compete on the world circuit windsurfing. He travelled the globe from beach to beach and was even 'Mr August' for The Sun at one point. Nowadays he plays a more behind the scenes role but still a vitally important one in the world of international sailing. He is the National Technical Officer for the Olympic and Paralympic sailing events - meaning that he is in charge of setting the courses everyday, accessing the weather and determining the best and fairest way to test the worlds top sailers. An all-round fascinating bloke to chat to, if you ever get the chance to have a pint with him do, he's got loads of great stories.


Many thanks to Crew for giving me the chance to photograph Mark. Find out more about their ambassadors over on the Crew Life Website.

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