Friday, 22 June 2012

Bananas everywhere

John Moloney and Dave Vickers - SW Magazine July 2012

I don't like to photograph things in the same way everyone else would. I like my pictures to be original if I can - particularly my portraits. So when asked to photograph a comedian and a comedy festival organiser in a comedy club I started searching for a way of making it different from what most people would do.

After a bit of searching around finding out about the deadpan comedian John Maloney and the Dave Vickers the founder of Banana Caberet I wasn't getting far - I had a sheet full of at least 50 shot ideas, but none of them were quite grabbing me as I would like them to. Then I realised that the answer had been staring me in the face - "Banana Caberet". You can never have too many bananas, even when you turn up to a shoot with 4kg of them...



Huge thanks to Lorraine for SW magazine for the fun commission and to John and Dave for the laughs.

Find out about the Balham Comedy Festival over here:
Tickets are now on sale for the shows from the 5th till the 8th of July at The Bedford.


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  1. Well done Charlie, You've certainly got a knack for the more creative photoshoots.