Sunday, 8 July 2012

Dog Squad - People and Animals

Adam and Craig - 4221

It is unusual to meet your subjects for a portrait shoot at 10.30pm. But that is exactly what I did a few weeks ago when I headed off to photograph two police officers and their dogs for my People and Animals project.

Adam and Craig both work in the antiterrorism unit for the British Transport Police. Their dogs are trained to smell bombs and explosives and they can often be found patrolling airports, railways stations, and other similar places. For such a late shoot Craig had rather a lot of energy, constantly taking the piss out of how long I was taking whilst I ran around trying to set everything up without an assistant. Adam on the other had was a lot more chilled. We had to shoot so late because it was the only time we could get access to the station without being in the way of the passengers and general public. It was very strange being in such a typically busy place in total quiet.



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