Friday, 27 July 2012

Swimwear in the rain


Being a model is often seen as a highly glamorous job by many, however, for some shoots this really isn't true. When I shot a summer swimwear fashion story for Living South magazine we were hoping for bright sunshine and good vibes. In reality our model Jessica had to stand in the cold rain pretending that it was beautiful and sunny when she probably would rather have sat by warm fire in the pub.

If it had been sunny this would have been such a fun shoot, a great location, a great model, and a great team. With the dark skies and heavy rain it ended up being a good challenge instead. I did my best to make it look sunny even thought the rain was falling hard and in the end of the day it turned out looking good, although poor Jessica did have to shiver a bit to get the job done.


Huge thanks to all the team for making the day work so well:
Jessica Bowen from Close Models - Model
Isabelle O'Carroll - Stylist
Angela Galagher - Make up artist
Will Miners - Photography assistant
Angela Hertel from Myla and Davis - Hair
Victoria Purcell - Editor and Producer


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