Monday, 29 October 2012

Vintage Couture


This was a bit of a special shoot. I was asked to photograph amazing vintage couture dresses that are to go on sale soon at Christie's. Some were very tender and all were very beautiful. We shot on location in the amazing No. 11 Cadogan Gardens and had the run of the hotel pretty much. I had great fun and was given real creative freedom by the editor of the Resident magazine.

Vintage Dresses nov 2012 cover
0014 1-Edit
0015 3-Edit
0012 2-Edit

Bella Campbell - make up artist
Cristian Pignatta from Neville Salon - hair
Dresses and styling - Christie's
Shot on location in No 11 Cadogan Gardens


Monday, 22 October 2012

Country meets city

_MG_9072-Edit 2

A single simple idea can often make a fairly normal shoot into something that stands out.

Picture the scene: it is eight o'clock in the morning, everyone got up too early, Sam the model had just arrived from hair and make up and I saw a pretty spot of light outside the pub we were meeting in. Up I jumped and ran outside, danced around with my camera and then a few seconds later came running back in.
"How about we get Sam moving, throwing her hair about, billowing her skirt and jumping all over the place?" I asked in a cheeky way to a half asleep editor.
"Sure" she says putting a whole lot of trust in me. And so from there onwards this was my theme for the day - movement, billowing movement.


Massive thanks to Living South magazine for the shoot and to the crew for their hard work.

Samathan Ovens - model
Isabelle O'Caroll - styling
Angela Gallagher - make up
Stanley Watts - hair
Ian Kirby - photo assistant
Victoria Purcell - art director and editor

The final layout:
Blackheath Fashion Oct 2012-1
Blackheath Fashion Oct 2012-3


Monday, 15 October 2012

Outsider Tart Bakery


Quite often when shooting the first thing I do is something completely silly or unexpected. I find that throws my subjects off the straight and narrow and makes them more open and relaxed. Photoshoots are about having fun, so why not start them off by climbing a tree?

That is exactly what I did when photographing David and David from The Outsider Tart Bakery in Chiswick. When I arrived one of the Davids said he looked after the bushes, trees and flowers in the square outside the shop. So I thought what better way to start a shoot that getting them to lie down in the flower bed. This led on to a very informal photoshoot with some cake-face-stuffing, some dog stroking and a lot of laughing.


You can find out more about the two Davids baking over on their website:


Thursday, 11 October 2012

New magazines in London

Issue one - Emma Morris-1

Archant London have been launching some new magazines recently and have very kindly got me to photograph the cover images for them. The first two to hit the press are the Fulham Resident and the Angel Resident.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Savile Row Tailors


Photography has given me access to many places I would never be able to go otherwise. A great example of this was a recent commission to photograph three fantastic gents who work on Savile Row.

The Mayfair Resident asked me to capture a group image of three tailors from different companies on the street. I of course jumped at the chance - and made the most of it. Instead of just turning up, taking the group shot and leaving I chose to contact each of the gentlemen myself and arrange to shoot them separately as well as in the group. This lead to a rather mad day (with another shoot in the early morning as well) where I dragged my kit around Savile Row and got to see many fascinating things.

All three of the tailors were exceptionally approachable and fun gents, I can imagine it being the most awesome experience getting a suit made by any of them. So here is a promise: sometime in the future I am certainly returning to one of these tailors to get a fine suit made for myself.

Lee Webb from Geives and Hawkes:


John Hitchcock from Anderson and Sheppard:


Dario Canera from Huntsman:


Massive thanks to Catherine from The Mayfair Resident for the awesome commission, to everyone at all the tailors for their kindness and help, and to the taxi driver that stopped to hold up the traffic when we were photographing in the street.