Monday, 22 October 2012

Country meets city

_MG_9072-Edit 2

A single simple idea can often make a fairly normal shoot into something that stands out.

Picture the scene: it is eight o'clock in the morning, everyone got up too early, Sam the model had just arrived from hair and make up and I saw a pretty spot of light outside the pub we were meeting in. Up I jumped and ran outside, danced around with my camera and then a few seconds later came running back in.
"How about we get Sam moving, throwing her hair about, billowing her skirt and jumping all over the place?" I asked in a cheeky way to a half asleep editor.
"Sure" she says putting a whole lot of trust in me. And so from there onwards this was my theme for the day - movement, billowing movement.


Massive thanks to Living South magazine for the shoot and to the crew for their hard work.

Samathan Ovens - model
Isabelle O'Caroll - styling
Angela Gallagher - make up
Stanley Watts - hair
Ian Kirby - photo assistant
Victoria Purcell - art director and editor

The final layout:
Blackheath Fashion Oct 2012-1
Blackheath Fashion Oct 2012-3


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