Monday, 15 October 2012

Outsider Tart Bakery


Quite often when shooting the first thing I do is something completely silly or unexpected. I find that throws my subjects off the straight and narrow and makes them more open and relaxed. Photoshoots are about having fun, so why not start them off by climbing a tree?

That is exactly what I did when photographing David and David from The Outsider Tart Bakery in Chiswick. When I arrived one of the Davids said he looked after the bushes, trees and flowers in the square outside the shop. So I thought what better way to start a shoot that getting them to lie down in the flower bed. This led on to a very informal photoshoot with some cake-face-stuffing, some dog stroking and a lot of laughing.


You can find out more about the two Davids baking over on their website:


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