Friday, 16 November 2012

Near home


I often shoot in fancy locations or new and exciting places, so when it came to planning a test shoot I thought I would keep it simple and stay near home. This set of images features my beautiful girlfriend Olga relaxing around South London near our home.


Huge thanks to the team involved in the shoot:

Model - Olga Dziewulska
Styling - Isabelle O'Carroll
Make up - Tanya Yordanova
Hair - Martin Kelivanov



  1. These are great, particularly love the tones in the B&W conversions.

    (Just skilful use of Lightroom/Photoshop/Aperture sliders, or also something like Silver Efex...?)

    1. Hello Fyse, thanks for your kind comment. The images are made black and white from raw files in lightroom and then tweaked in photoshop to give extra contrast using curves, but to keep detail I apply many curve layers with their own masks to control specific areas of the image. I hope you find that useful.

  2. Ah, cool. I've wondered about giving those plugin-type programs a try, but always decided it was an unnecessary extravagance. (After all, Photoshop can do anything if you just know how...)

    Oh, and Fyse is me, btw! (Now changed my old Blogger display name to something more sensible.)

    Anyway, nice shots! I feel like I recognise the place in that first and last shot. Where abouts is it...?

  3. Hello Nick! good to hear from you. I have found not plug-ins, but presets useful. I've never bought any but have grabbed hold of free downloads. I install them and then have a good look at the way they change settings, use curves and things. Having said this I really don't count myself as an expert and have seen some beautiful edits from silver efex and the like.

  4. P.s. it is all shot in Clapham South area

  5. Ah, of course! Then that must be Le Petit Boulanger on Abbeville Road, no? Knew it was familar, I live just round the corner on Lynette Avenue.

    Lovely coffee from that place...