Sunday, 30 December 2012

2012 - A Good Year

Fiona talking about charity

So the year is drawing to a close and it is always nice to have a look back. Here are some of my best bits...

My images have had the privilege of appearing on 17 magazine covers this year. It always feels great to see my work all glossy on the front of a magazine. I even got a food photograph on a cover - totally unexpected but nice to get some variety. Here are a few that I have managed to collect:
Living South Swimwear August 2012 Coverthe Resident - Nov 2012 CoverHeart Matters CoverMayfair Resident Cover - Carlo and Jake
Japanese Food coverChristmas 2012 cover-1American Bakery Cover WestsideThe Green August 2012 - Cover

I have been asked to meet and photograph an awesome variety of people this year...

Vintage Couture for The Resident magazine 
photographed some incredibly beautiful vintage dresses that were going on sale at Christie's auction house. The hotel No. 11 Cadogan Garden was such a gorgeous location offering a huge variety of luxurious interiors it was a photographers paradise. Read more here: blog post


Sipsmith Gin for Westside Magazine
I do not often get to drink gin at 10 o'clock in the morning on my photoshoots, but this one was a bit special. Behind a rather dull looking garage door in Hammersmith is London's only copper gin still. I photographed the founders of Sipsmith Sam and Fairfax and even turned them into some cocktails. Read more about it here: blog post

Fairfax and Sam, founders of Sipsmith Gin

Crew Clothing Ambassadors
I photographed this years inspiring Crew Clothing ambassadors. From round-the-world sailors and olympic rowers to sailing charity founders and race organisers I found each of them great fun to work with. I even learnt about the sport of Boccia and submerged Team GB pentathlete Jamie Cooke in a swimming pool fully clothed. See more here: blog post

Jamie Cooke for Crew Clothing

Savile Row Tailors for the Mayfair Resident
In a small street in Mayfair is a treasure trove of tailoring talent and many amazing things to photograph. When asked to meet with some Savile Row tailors I jumped at the chance. See all the images here: blog post

John Hitchcock - 1913

The Sunday Times
A big step this year was my first commission for The Sunday Times. I was commissioned at 7pm to photograph The Fowles for the money section at 9am the next day. A mad rush and some serious re-organising meant that I could make the most of the gorgeous morning sun. See more images here: blog post

Personal work
I am always photographing personal work, it is so important for me to keep experimenting with new techniques and find new stories to tell. Here is some of the fun shoots I organised for myself this year:

Dave Kent for People and Animals
Dave Kent is blind and spends almost all his time with his dog Quince. I photographed Dave for my People and Animals project and wanted to capture this relationship in a unique and interesting way, the obvious solution was to head to the pub. Read more here: blog post

Dave Kent - 9734

Emily Baldwin for People and Animals
I met professional horse rider Emily Baldwin when I photographed her for Crew Clothing and wanted to return to her when I had the time to do a more crazy idea. It is always great working with people who have such a close relationship with their animals. Read more about the shoot here: blog post

Emily Baldwin - 1287

Passionate People Talking
I have also been working away quietly on a new project entitled Passionate People Talking. I love good conversations and want to show this in my photography. Some people I have met are incredibly passionate and interesting to talk to. I have visited some of these people and have had conversations with them whilst taking photographs. I hope it feels like you are part of the conversation too. This is an ongoing project that I hope to add a lot more images to in 2013. You can see what I have done so far here: online gallery

Shami Chakrabati talking about human rights

A few other things
I was honoured to be interviewed for the Royal Photographic Society Journal. You can read the article here: Pages 1-2 and Pages 3-4

RPS Journal June 2012

I cycled around most of London on an egg hunt to help Action for Children and the Elephant Family raise loads of money. See my images and read about the experience here: blog post

And finally I met the awesome chef and fantastic character Gennaro Contaldo and had a few minutes to photograph him. Read about the shoot here: blog post

Gennaro Contaldo

Thanks to everyone I have had the pleasure of photographing this year, without fascinating subjects my portraits would be nothing. I owe you a great deal.

Bring on 2013...


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