Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Gin in a garage

Sipsmiths duo white

I don't normally find myself being encouraged to drink on assignments. However, when you are in one of the finest gin distilleries in the UK it is sort of expected. On the way to the shoot I thought my directions must have been incorrect when I parked outside a not very impressive but large blue door on a residential street. I was not mistaken - the finest gin I've tasted in a long time is made in a garage in Hammersmith.

It may have been 10am, but who could turn down Sipsmith straight into the glass from London's only copper gin still. The founders Fairfax and Sam (above) loved the fine taste of botanicals boiled with spirit so much that they gave up their day jobs and bought a copper still. You can see how pleased they are to be working here when talking with them - it was a joy to photograph these fine gents; or maybe that was the effects of the gin...


Find out more about Sipsmith, order a bottle, or arrange a visit to the garage head over on their website: sipsmith.com

Huge thanks to Vicky at Westside magazine for the awesome commission.


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