Thursday, 28 March 2013

Thomas Koch - Claridge's General Manager


For a recent edition of The Mayfair Resident I photographed the general manager of the world famous Claridge's Hotel. Although we had very little time the surroundings did make things quite a bit easier for me, there are many very beautiful backdrops in the hotel, so I just had to choose the right ones and then settle Thomas Koch into the portrait session.

Thomas Koch - The Mayfair Resident Cover
Thomas Koch photographed for The Mayfair Resident

Many thanks to Thomas for the fun shoot and to the hotel for being so helpful.


Friday, 8 March 2013

Seb Emina coauthor of The Breakfast Bible


It was a tasty pleasure to meet and photograph Seb Emina. Since a discussion one morning over some bad tasting yet expensive plates Seb and his friends decided not enough was written about morning eating and decided to start a blog. This turned out to be rather successful and they have now written a book about all things breakfast related called The Breakfast Bible. I got to photograph Seb whilst stopping him from tucking into his favourite of breakfast meals, the full english, and then afterwards we all sat down for a good bit of food from The Brockley Mess (my second breakfast that day). A fine morning indeed.

Seb Emina Cover and inside-1

A big thanks to Living South for the awesome assignment and to The Brockley Mess for some super tasty food. 

You can read Seb's breakfast blog here: