Monday, 15 April 2013

Strangers in Clapham


Recently I found myself sitting at my desk not feeling so good: I had spent way too long sat behind a computer and not enough time with a camera in my hand. The light outside was beautiful so I grabbed a camera and headed out the door. These are the people and sights I met when walking around Clapham Common. 

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Roadtrip to Brighton


I love shooting in great locations with the freedom to embrace them. I am expanding my lifestyle portfolio to include fashion images that capture this feeling. Road trips to random fun places rock, so I thought I would show this in a photoshoot. After a good chat with the stylist who would be working on the shoot, Vivienne Masters, I decided a road trip to Brighton would fit the deal. In my head I had warm seaside images portraying a summery trip to the seaside. On the day things worked out a little different as it was tipping it down with rain for half the day and blowing a gale. In the end I think I preferred it this way, there was so much emotion in the weather and the crazy wind gave the images a real sense of adventure and freedom.


Massive thanks to all those involved, it was an awesome day.


Styling and production by Vivienne Masters

Katie Keight @ Profile Models
Darren Whitehead


Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Easter Chickens

Poultrichelli's "Birth of Chicken"

Some free time, a few cute chicken models, a bit of creativity and an instagram account meant I had a lot of fun with friends over the Easter break. Here is the work of myself, Daria and Olga - click through to see many more...