Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Easter Chickens

Poultrichelli's "Birth of Chicken"

Some free time, a few cute chicken models, a bit of creativity and an instagram account meant I had a lot of fun with friends over the Easter break. Here is the work of myself, Daria and Olga - click through to see many more...

Bat Chicken

The Chicken Union Council Summit

Chicken Zorbing

Nobody expect The Chicken Inquisition!

Scottish Chicken

Carnival Chicken

Chicken Sunbathers

Chicken march!

Anarchist chicken

Tribal chickens

Chicken tagine

Chicken addict

Chicken scout camp

Chicken cinema

Winners of the chicken cup final

Chicken shepard

Pope Chicken The Third

Spring chickens

Drunk chickens

Chicken riot!

Chicken shipwreck

"Hallelujah" chicken preacher

Chicken Pilot

Chicken funeral

Chicken cheerleaders
(the image that started it all)

Cock fight


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