Saturday, 25 May 2013

Brits Abroad Project

In a couple of days I am leaving for Spain for the first part of my Brits Abroad photography project. The project is focusing on British people who have decided to move to a new country to live. I want to see what it is like to leave your home country and form a new life amongst foreign culture. I will be photographing portraits of a wide variety of British expatriates in places that represent their life in Spain. 

I have now been organising people to photograph for the last four months or more. After many “do you know any Brits living in Spain” questions, numerous emails to groups I have found on google, countless hours following up contacts, and fascinating skype calls asking people to tell me about their life I now feel like I am nearly there. I have booked in more than twelve people to give me half a day of their time whilst I am in Spain. I am really excited, if all goes to plan (fingers crossed) I will be travelling up and down the mediterranean coast of Spain diving into the lives of doctors, charity workers, retired professionals, enthusiastic golfers, artist, football fans, mums, dads, tapas lovers and others. All of them of course will be British people who have chosen to make a new life abroad.

Follow me whilst I travel and post my pictures on the Brits Abroad website:


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