Thursday, 27 June 2013

Brits Abroad Project - Spain

After two and a bit weeks driving a car up and down the mediterranean coast of Spain I have come home with a laptop full of pictures of British people living abroad. My aim for the Brits Abroad project is to see what it is like to move to another country and live in a new culture. I photographed 19 people from a wide variety of lifestyles to try and capture the diversity of life as a British expatriate in Spain. I found a common thread of "Britishness" running through each and every one of them but beyond that they were a large and diverse group of characters. You can see many more people photographed for the project on the Brits Abroad website:

Linda Hutchence - A Brit Abroad
Linda works cleaning holiday villas to pay her bills and rent. She likes being able to have an outdoor life 8-9 months of the year but misses being able to watch her grandchildren grow up in England.
Francesca Sadlier - A Brit Abroad
Francesca was born in Spain and is schooled in the Spanish education system, she is also a British citizen. She enjoys chocolate ice lollies from the “naughty shop” that her mother occasionally visits to purchase British goods.
Carole Hesketh-Smith - A Brit Abroad
Carole regularly plays bowls at the Javea Green Bowls Club which consists almost entirely of British members. She loves living in Spain and doesn’t want to move but is frustrated that she can no longer vote in British parliamentary elections.
Sean Mitchell - A Brit Abroad
Sean runs a traditional British fish and chip shop by the beach in Fuengirola. The vast majority of his customers are British holiday makers or expatriates and he serves chips made from imported British Maris Piper potatoes.
Jyoti Tyler - A Brit Abroad
Joyti lives and works in a community project in the desert named Sunseed Desert Technology. She enjoys being able to live a sustainable life and teaching others about personal responsibility.
Stacey runs a charity to care for and re-home unwanted dogs, she does almost all the work herself and her house is full of donated goods to sell to raise money. In her spare time she plays darts in a local league and looks after her four cats.
David Marshall - A Brit Abroad
David is a sculptor who spends half his year in Spain and half in Colorado. He lives in the mountains a mile away from the nearest village in a house full of collectable historical items.
Paul Campbell - A Brit Abroad
Paul runs an english language newspaper called The Courier from an office in Torrevieja. He moved to Spain to escape the busy life he had in London working for News International.
Ken Schooler - A Brit Abroad
Ken owns a British style pub called The Old Tavern in Marbella. He is a keen football fan and runs the International Supporters Club of Malaga FC from his bar.

To see more images from the series visit:


Thursday, 13 June 2013

Ben Fogle for Crew Clothing

Ben Fogle

I photographed presenter and adventurer Ben Fogle who is the new Crew Clothing ambassador at the launch of their campaign Row2Win. They are working alongside Plastic Oceans to raise awareness of the overuse of plastic. I had about five minutes during a Ben's busy day to capture his weather beaten looks, but I always enjoy the challenge of such a pressured shoot.

Thanks to Georgie at Crew for the fun commission.


Monday, 10 June 2013

Thanks Harry

Harry Fulcher

I found out yesterday that my my friend and music teacher Harry Fulcher died. I hope that he is somewhere eternally enjoying the music with a smile on his face. He taught me that the world is full of chances to create and for this I will be forever grateful. He will always be remembered.

Harry Fulcher
Harry Fulcher
Harry Fulcher