Sunday, 17 November 2013

I visited number 10 Downing St to photograph Clare Foges for The Sunday Times Magazine

Clare Foges, David Cameron's speech-writer photographer in 10 Downing Street, London

My job can take me to fascinating places where I often meet fascinating people. I think this one is top of the list so far and may be hard to beat. The Sunday Times Magazine asked me to photograph Clare Foges, who is chief speech-writer for the Prime Minister David Cameron. She works in Number 10 Downing Street and allowed me and my assistant Phil to visit for the photoshoot. Going inside a place with such immense history was amazing. Walking the corridors I couldn't help thinking how many Prime Ministers, heads of states and world leaders had also walked there. So many vital and important decisions had been made within the walls, it was great to see within. Plus I got to see the Cameron's cat Larry, who was totally uninterested in me - I guess I'm not as interesting as some of the other people he has met.

Clare writes Cameron's speeches and was a marvellous lady to photograph. She was full of interesting opinions and insights and I got the impression if I said something stupid she certainly wouldn't let me get away with it unquestioned. It was wonderful to hear that she highly valued her position and wanted to make the most of her time in Number 10. She still cannot quite believe that every day she goes to work in Downing Street.

Couldn't resist having our photo taken outside the famous front door. Thanks to the policeman who captured the moment for us. 
Thanks so much to The Sunday Times Magazine for the commission and to Clare for being such a fascinating and brilliant person to photograph.

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