Friday, 14 February 2014

Help me contact volunteers in the Somerset floods

I am planning to head to Somerset at the start of next week (Monday the 17th) to photograph the people who are volunteering to help those who are flooded. But I need help getting in contact with those involved. The wonderful work of all these fine people who are giving their time and energy to help others should to be captured and celebrated. And hopefully by doing this many more will be inspired to join the effort.

Do you know anyone involved in the support effort in Somerset?

- Locals volunteering
- Fire Service Members
- Soldiers
- Local groups
- Farmers lending their tractors
- Anyone helping out...

Without the effort of these people it would be so much worse for those effected by the flooding. Lets promote their work and get more people involved.

If you know anyone involved please send me their contact details:

Twitter: @charlieclift
Phone: 07871175627

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