Monday, 19 May 2014

Juliette and Her Family for Healthy


I am very privileged that I often get to join other people's lives and discover their achievements and struggles in an very intimate way. The lovely people at Healthy asked me to photograph Juliette and her family in her home in Birmingham. After each of Juliette's children were born she suffered from postnatal depression and was keen to share her story to help others who might go through the same challenges. When I met Juliette I discovered a strong and determined woman with a great inner strength that I was determined to show this in my photographs. I also discovered first hand just how difficult it can be to control three excited children, particularly when there is lighting equipment scattered around the floor for them to climb over and under.* So I thought why not show this part of family life as well...

*no children were harmed during the making of these photographs. 


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