Monday, 4 August 2014

Tim Andrews - Over the Hill


A while back when my image of Clare Foges was published in The Sunday Times Magazine it came with an unexpected bonus. Tim Andrews got in touch.

Tim is a fine and fascinating individual. When he was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease he realised that he wanted his disease to be recorded. After being photographed by a couple of photographers and enjoying the process he decided to make a project: get photographed by many photographers over the extent of his illness. And so was born Over the Hill. Tim has now been photographed by over 300 photographers over the course of more than six years - an amazing record of creativity, time and the battle with Parkinson's.

So when Tim wrote to me I was very keen to take part. I had heard of his project and thought it would be great to join in. The only problem being what to do - hasn't it all been done already? My solution after much thought and crazy ideas was to keep it personal and simple and see what happens. When I talked to Tim and discovered that he liked the sea nearly as much as me I new what to do. We started on the beach in his home town of Brighton and very quickly ended up in the water. From there on it was great just spending the day together and talking music, psychology, the brain, photography, food, film, friendship and anything else that popped into our heads...all accompanied by my camera.

See Tim's blog on the project here with loads of amazing and unique photographs of Tim:


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