Sunday, 14 September 2014

Production Designers for The Independent Saturday Magazine


This weekend saw the publication of my first feature in the Independent's Saturday Magazine. It was a pleasure to capture portraits of production designers Donal Woods and Anna Pritchard for a feature on those behind the scenes in British TV.

Donal is the production designer for Downton Abbey - he is tasked with making it look and feel real and interesting. From choosing the big locations to the colour of the a room's wall it is his ideas that have created the look of Downton. A quiet man who is lost in his internal thoughts he was none-the-less a pleasure to photograph. I met him at Ealing Studios where many of the Downton sets are made and we chose the best location to showcase his behind the scenes influence on what we see on the screen.


For the same article I also photographed Anna Pritchard. Having had experience on a vast array of TV and film productions Anna is full of stories - she decorated streets in The Matrix and was a runner on Star Wars before starting her career as a production designer. She now creates the look of TV series such as Top Boy and loves conjuring the past in period dramas. I met her first in Twickenham Studios where we photographed her in a huge empty stage before heading off to one of her favourite prop stores where she guided me through many things including cereal packets and detergents of the 70's...

You can read the full feature online here: LINK


Thanks so much to Donal and Anna for being so accommodating and to The Independent for the fascinating assignment.

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