Tuesday, 13 January 2015

What inspires you to do your job? Promotional portraits of Afroditi Krassa


If you have ever grabbed a quick lunch at istu you will be familiar with their interior design. The clean and crisp lines with dapples of colour are a great addition to the otherwise rather uniform cafe landscape in central London. Who would have thought that the design was most likely inspired by … movies.

I met the mind behind itsu’s brand, product designer Afroditi Krassa, to take some promotional shots of her for Camron PR. Afroditi has come to prominence with her itsu design, but once you start looking around her style can be seen throughout London - from Heston’s The Perfectionists Cafe at Heathrow to Curzon cinemas - Afroditi has provided the hospitality business with her creativity and ideas. Design however is not her only passion and she draws her inspiration largely from film. Armed with this knowledge I knew exactly how I wanted to photograph her.

Afroditi’s passion for film means she is a frequent cinema-goer. I was keen to include this in my portraits, so after taking a few classic head shots of Afroditi in her studio, we headed out to a local cinema. I have always thought it must be fun to see your name in those big letters above cinema entrances. I guess I am not alone as Afroditi was keen to be photographed putting up letters spelling her name above our cinema. In the final image a whole team of Afroditis are busy getting ready for the night at the cinema all dedicated to Afroditi.

Designer Afroditi Krassa photographed in her London Studio
Afroditi Krassa 3-5-2014 Tethered7727-Edit

Thanks to Camron PR for a fun assignment and to Afroditi for being such an approachable and friendly collaborator. You can find out more about Afroditi’s work on her website.

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