Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Yes, Minister - press portraits of Nicky Morgan MP


Clients coming back is always a pleasant feeling. And even more so when the client is the Education Secretary in David Cameron’s cabinet.

In 2013 I photographed Nicky Morgan MP for TopSante and I was very excited to be contacted by her press office just after the most recent cabinet reshuffle. Nicky had been appointed Secretary of State for Education and her team needed some more photos. Needless to say - I will always find time for a minister in her majesty’s government. My schedule however busy is nothing in comparison to Nicky’s so when we finally found a date we met really early in the morning before Westminster really woke up. Twenty minutes was all we had, so I had to make the most of the beautiful weather and the excellent mood the minister was in.

Nicky is an energetic and impressive woman. She is also so nice and approachable, which restores one’s faith in politics. Having said this, I often find I take best portraits when I ask the sitter something confrontational. In this case I asked Nicky to convince me to vote Conservative in the next general elections. She was given no warning I’d be doing this (I only came up with this idea when setting lights up) and expected her to take a moment of consideration. Instead Nicky launched straight into an argument, eloquently and persuasively laying out the main reasons not just I, but the rest of the country, should vote Tory. I won’t be telling you how I am voting, but I will tell you that we got some great pictures of Nicky. Keep an eye out on her as I get a feeling the name Nicky Morgan will keep popping up this year. Hopefully accompanied by my portraits.


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