Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Happy employees mean happy customers - Recruitment shoots for ThirtyThree

What springs to mind when you hear “recruitment”? I used to think of people in badly cut suits sat in characterless offices asking you questions like “If you were a supermarket chain, which one would you be and why?” as if this insight was helpful when deciding if you can handle the responsibility of being a barista at Starbucks. Having never filed a single application to what one might consider a “normal job” you must excuse me for thinking this, the way I get commissioned is a rather different process. And as I said, I used to think this, until ThirtyThree came along and asked me to do a few shoots for their clients.

ThirtyThree are an employer branding and marketing agency based in Bristol. I have worked with them regularly over the last few years which I feel has given me a bit of an insight into the world of HR. One shoot for Admiral Insurance recruitment focusing on Admiral’s call centres.

Call centres are another one of those jobs we probably all have a clear image of and it is unlikely to be a very colourful one. Oh, how wrong you would be. Call-centre work is all about the team. When photographing the teams in South Wales I got the impression that almost everyone was having fun. Admiral value their people as they realise that an unhappy person answering your call will probably mean you will not be very happy after the call is over. They organise weekends away for their teams, competitions for the most successful calls and other such entertainment. And when the workers need a break they even have space hoppers and indoor golf to bring back your joy.

Making an open plan office a thrilling background is always a creative challenge. Luckily our focus was on the people and the upbeat atmosphere of the place meant I has a row of volunteers wanting to take part in promoting their awesome jobs to other potential candidates. We took photos of the teams at work - professionals remaining professional but certainly having fun. Hope you guys also leave your jobs feeling as bubbly as the Admiral team.

Thank you ThirtyThree for a number of great commissions! Also if you think you might want to join Admiral’s team, they have a careers website: https://admiraljobs.co.uk/

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