Friday, 13 February 2015

Six years photographing the same woman

One person has been in front of my lens more than any other. With beautiful red hair, a totally infectious smile and about five thousand different expressions she is wonderful to capture images of. I speak of course of Olga. Not only a wonderful model but also my best friend, girlfriend and greatest critic. I have been photographing her since the first day we met and have amassed a huge library of images.

After six years of sharing our time on earth I decided it was time to look back through my archives and find all the photos I have taken of Olga. What a journey that gave me. Memories came flooding back with each and every image: the time we moved into our first flat, the time we travelled around Italy together, the first time I did a proper studio shoot, the time we went to France and ate too much cheese - so many little things that had faded into the past came back with full force and I lived them again.

This is what is so wonderful about photography: it has a power to bring memories and emotions flooding back. I love watching people look at photographs: they smile, laugh, point, shout and go sad. Even more so if they are photographs of people they know or times they shared. I made a book for Olga including many of her portraits and watching her look through it was a wonderful experience. The memories of our time together showing through the expressions on her face.

So I share here just a few of these pictures, some taken 6 years ago and some taken a few days ago. All of them taken out of a fascination with this amazing woman. Thanks for the good times Olga!

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  1. What a lovely record of a beautiful woman and a beautiful relationship.