Thursday, 25 June 2015

Calling all Brits in Europe - let me photograph you!

David Needed

Are you a Brit living in another European country? 
Do you know a Brit living in another European country?

A couple of summers ago I packed my camera in search for Britons in Spain for “Brits Abroad” - one of my personal projects* (see some images from it below). The idea has always been to expand the project and what better time than when the British membership of the European Union is so hotly debated.

So, if you have an uncle, cousin, friend or enemy living abroad and enjoying (or not!) their freedom to move within the EU - please let me know. I would like to photograph them for the next instalment of my “Brits Abroad”

All ages, professions, occupations and political convictions welcome. The more, the merrier.

Drop me an email if you would like to take part or know someone who might.

the project has since seen a fair amount of exposure - featured on the BBC News website and a number of photography blogs I will also be showing it in one of the London’s art galleries later this year. You can see all of the images on my website:

Francesca Sadlier - A Brit Abroad
Lisa Sadleir - A Brit Abroad
Stacey Lloyd - A Brit Abroad
Sean Mitchell - A Brit Abroad
Simon Williams - from the new project @

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