Monday, 22 June 2015

Passionate People Talking - Theo Fennell

Theo Fennell PPT

If you have seen a child's face light up when you ask them about their favourite toy or game you have seen a passionate person talking. It is the same face you seen when campaigners are asked about the issues they care about and the same face an artist strikes when talking about their new inspiration. Passions spark emotions and emotions spark conversations. I am a fan of great conversation and this has inspired to photograph a personal project all about Passionate People Talking.

On my recent shoot for Tatler I had the pleasure of meeting Theo Fennell - a world renowned jewellery designer. A few minutes into meeting Theo I knew I met a passionate person and although I was there to record a day at the workshop I tried my luck and ask Theo if he would be interested in being a sitter for me for the Passionate People Talking series. Theo agreed straight away and here you have it - a conversation on one of the oldest crafts, the precision it requires and the satisfaction it brings.

See the rest of the project here: LINK

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