Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Shoot what you love and they will hire you to do more

Stewart McIntyre Trio - Mono

I always shoot personal work with a bit of hope that I will get commissioned to do what I love doing. After all if there is good personal work in my portfolio that should encourage potential clients to hire me to do more of the same. Does it work? Hell yes and I am very pleased to be writing this.

Whenever I have a moment I shoot Passionate People Talking - the list is never-ending as you can probably imagine. What a great pleasure it was to get a phone call from David at Wardour asking if I would shoot in the style of my passionate people talking for one of their publications.

The person photographed was the new Group Finance Director of Laing O'Rourke - Stewart McIntyre. A big fish in the business sea Stewart was previously managing Sunseeker - a luxury yacht firm. Considering my love for the sea, we got off to a great start. Stewart was relaxed and an excellent person to be in front of my lens. He is known to be a straight-forward, effective leader and I tried to make sure that throughout our photoshoot and conversation these qualities shone through. An excellent addition to my Passionate People Talking and a great commission from a long-established client. Win-win.

Thank you to Wardour for the commission.

More of my Passionate People Talking can be found on my website:

Stewart McIntyre 4-2-20150022-Edit
Stewart McIntyre 4-2-20150048-Edit
Stewart McIntyre 4-2-20150130-Edit
Stewart McIntyre 4-2-20150136-Edit

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