Monday, 13 July 2015

Where other artists work - Abigail Edgar for Countryfile


Do you wonder how others do their jobs? I do. All the time. And I don’t mean accountants and HR officers. I have little interest in the secret lives of estate agents too. What interests me is how other creatives work. Show me a photographer’s studio and I am instantly hooked. Take me to an artist's house and there will be no end to my questions.

On a recent commission for the Countryfile Magazine I was asked to photograph Abigail Edgar. Abigail is a painter and illustrator working with watercolours, pastels and charcoal. She is passionate about art and loves to pass this passion on to others. She teaches in a number of places and was keen to encourage others to sketch in her Countryfile article.

I found it fascinating how Abigail’s space seem to reflect her personality. Tranquil and atmospheric, her studio was full of light. The big window overlooking picturesque English countryside provides plenty of inspiration, no doubt. Her desk is right next to it and I loved spotting the little details around the room: the pictures of her children stuck here and there, and unfinished sketch of a tree. You could feel the creative juices flowing through the room and being translated into the beautiful art Abigail creates. My only hope is that my work space shows something as interesting about me as Abigail’s does about her!

Thank you Countryfile Magazine for the pleasure of photographing Abigail! The magazine is out now and so go and get it to enjoy some drawing tips from Abigail with my photographs.


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