Friday, 30 October 2015

Rugby on the beach with Billy Twelvetrees and Crew Clothing


It’s rugby fever in England right now with the world cup coming to an end after many exciting matches. So here’s my photoshoot with Gloucester’s captain and all round fine man Billy Twelvetrees. I captured Billy on the beach in Salcombe for Crew Clothing playing a cheeky game with the local rugby team.

I grew up in a corner of Devon with beautiful sandy beaches and endless photography locations. Not only that but it is also where Crew Clothing had its first shop and where Billy likes to spend his holidays. This made Salcombe the perfect place for our shoot. Obviously I suggested a game of rugby on the beach, something I did a lot as a teenager.

There are definitely advantages to shooting in your hometown, firstly you know exactly who to call at the local rugby club to gather together a team at short notice to play rugby with a famous fly-half. Secondly you know all the right spots to shoot, no scouting required. And thirdly my Dad can easily turn up mid-shoot in his boat with 10 pasties for the crew from the local butchers.

It was such a pleasure working with Billy again, for our last shoot he jumped about in the cold water and this time jumped face first into the sand time and again for us so we could get the perfect shot. He's always totally up for your ideas. I worked closely on the shoot with the director Joe Morgan splitting the day between to capture stills and video showing the rugby expert enjoying the seaside and promoting the game.

Find out more about Billy’s thoughts on the world cup and get some tips from the top man on Crew’s website:

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