Sunday, 8 November 2015

Life after the the forces - Remembrance for The Sunday Times Magazine

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Today is Remembrance Sunday. People have been sporting the poppies on their lapels and wreaths have been laid by the Cenotaph. We spare a thought for the soldiers who have fought in wars for Britain. We can all see them: army people, dressed in uniform, standing tall, armed and fighting the enemy as well as the elements.

If you open the Sunday Times Magazine today you will see soldiers standing to attention in their regimental hats, but not in their military uniforms. These men and women are in their new uniforms. The classic uniform of the city job - a suit and tie.

This recent commission opened my eyes to a whole new world of post-military life. I was invited to photograph ex-servicemen who have gone on to have successful careers in the city for firms like Deloitte and Barclays. Maybe a lifetime focused on warfare is not the best preparation for office politics, but it certainly does make you a determined and formidable person. The city banks and big businesses are starting to pay more attention to these people when seeking for employees.

Every military person I’ve met has always been a friendly, polite and great person to be around. There is a presence within someone who’s been through such experiences and I enjoy trying to capture that. It was a pleasure to do so for the magazine and help look upon life after the forces from a new angle.
Massive thanks to Russ O'Connell for the commission and Matt Rudd for his insightful article. You can read the feature online here: LINK

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