Saturday, 16 May 2015

Not the cover you'd expect - virtual reality porn for The Independent Magazine

Independent Saturday Magazine - Cover
I bet all photographers dream of the moment they get their image on a cover. I too have day-dreamt of an awesome photo taken by me appearing on a cover of a national distribution publication. I could see the subject's face full of expression, the immaculate styling, the dramatic light and my name underneath the headline.
Little did I know my first national cover will be of... virtual reality porn.
Yes, you read that right. The photograph on the cover of today's Independent Magazine was taken by me. And the story behind it is living proof that you never know what's around the corner.
I got a phone call a couple of weeks ago from the Independent asking if I am interested in shooting a story on 3D pornography for them. How could I say no to that?
So off we travelled one day to an establishment in the middle of an old air base specialising in virtual reality pornography. (For the uninitiated: it includes one of those futuristic headsets and I have to say that is the extent of my knowledge. The Independent piece today by Oscar Quine will hopefully shed some more light for all of us.)
I think it is fair to say that both Oscar and I expected the place to be a bit more ... seedy. What we found was a white, sterile, lab-like office more similar to the McLaren factory than to what I imagine a porn-producer's office may look like. I had planned for a different aesthetic for the shoot, but the place lent itself rather nicely to a more conceptual take. The journalist tried the headset on and I made sure to capture his reactions. There was also a freakishly real 3D printed model of a porn star lying around, so I made sure to include that in a few of the images as well. Little did I know when taking the shots that my first cover for the Independent would be of a load of cameras pointing at nothing at all. But that’s just the way it works in this business, the good things sometimes jump out at you and give you a pleasant surprise.

Thank you to The Independent Magazine team for such an unexpected commission.
Do make sure you pick up the magazine today for the article.


Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Frontera Staff Portraits

Frank Walters

I have recently been working quite a lot with the Frontera Group - a healthcare advertising agency based in London. During a break on my first shoot for them (blog post to be published soon) I sat Craig, the company’s founder and Fede, the group’s Creative Art Director down for a quick portrait session. I liked the photos taken and decided to give them as a thank you gift to Frontera. It turned out that they liked them too. They liked them so much they wanted more of the same. So, a few weeks back I met the whole Frontera team and took portraits of them to be hung in their offices. Great fun.

Anne-Marie Smith 00076-Edit
Anne-Marie Smith
Federico Garcia
Chloe Duvale
Craig Mills
Paul Morrissey
Albert Capes
Simon Emberson
Alex Woodhouse
James Rose
Natalie Saunders
Careena Gharu
Chalo Yepes
Stuart Banks
Theo Coppinger-Lee

Thanks Frontera:

Thursday, 7 May 2015

The Body Confidence Collection

Body Confidence Collection - Every Body is Ready

Are you beach body ready? If you’ve seen the posters on the London Underground recently then you may have pondered that.*

I got rather angry when I saw this outrageous ad campaign (it’s for some dieting product). So I thought I would re-make them the way they should have been. Teaming up with designer Lianne Darley we created spoof posters for the "Body Confidence" campaign. We reached out to social media and found volunteers to be part of the campaign to feature people of all shapes and sizes.

Take a look at the website and help spread the positive message:

Body Confidence Collection - Every Body is Ready
Body Confidence Collection - Every Body is Ready
Body Confidence Collection - Every Body is Ready
Body Confidence Collection - Every Body is Ready
Body Confidence Collection - Every Body is Ready

* Do you have a body? Great you are ready! Just remember: always wear sunscreen.