Friday, 8 January 2016

Paul McKenna for The Independent


I hear that the first day back to work from a holiday can be a depressing experience. Just look at how many articles are published this time of the year including how to go back to work without crying, how to survive your first day back, how to focus more, and so on.

Well, my first day back at work was rather different. I got up early and headed to an amazing house to take portraits for a feature in The Independent on Paul McKenna, the famous hypnotist. Paul has published numerous self-help books and his newest one is out just now. And I see the appeal - wouldn't we all want a bit of "Instant influence and charisma"? That would certainly help fight that first day back at work feeling.

I found Paul's job rather inspiring and took the hypnotism and self help as my influences on the shoot. Paul did not mind being his own therapist and looked like he enjoyed himself as Vishnu. We cracked some mirrors and had a great time - exactly the way you would want your first day back at work to be.

My photographs of Paul McKenna  are in The Independent's Section 2 today. You can read the article here:


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