Thursday, 18 February 2016

Nigel Farage for The Sunday Times Magazine


There aren’t many people in Britain who’s political views I disagree with more than Nigel Farage. So when The Sunday Times Magazine got in touch asking me to photograph him I was uncertain how best to proceed. A quick google shows many pictures of Mr Farage as a caricature: in a pub, a beer in one hand and a massive laugh on his face. I wanted to do something a bit different and capture the human side of this man.

I have never before photographed someone so aware of himself when in front of a camera. Photoshoots are a give and take between photographer and subject, each person pushes the shoot in a different direct. With Mr Farage when I tried to push beyond what he felt was right for his image he politely told me: “I’m not doing that.” But you keep asking, keep trying and eventually you find a balance. He was happy to chat and laugh, to puff cigars and share drives and ambitions in front of my lens. Plus a bit of flattery goes a long way. All I needed was for him to relax for a few minutes and show his real self to me.


STI14Y1GG_074_Back_Lido Nigel.indd
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