Sunday, 13 March 2016

Dr Chris and Dr Xand for The Sunday Times Magazine


“We’ll do anything”

That’s the best thing anyone I’m going to photograph can say to me. It is exactly what Dr Chris said to me when I was talking to him about our shoot for The Sunday Times Magazine. Suddenly my mind was overflowing with ideas.

I was already excited about my shoot with Dr Chris and his twin brother Dr Xand. They are pretty well known for doing crazy stuff on TV in the name of science. They’ve changed diets, challenged their bodies in various ways and blown up a weeks worth of methane-farts. They bring science to the TV viewing audience in the most fun was possible. Oh, and they also consult with the UN on migration, get called up when Ebola breaks out and are generally very intelligent.

“What props can you bring?” I asked.
“How about dry ice?” replied Chris, ”or maybe butane gas? If you bubble that through fairy liquid then light it it makes for a fantastic flame… I’ve also got some giant beakers and a 3D print out of my own skull if that’s a good prop...”
“Bring it all...”


You can read about Chris and Xand in today’s Sunday Times Magazine relative values column: LINK

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